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Chapter 10: Substitute Teacher

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Chapter 10: Substitute Teacher

This final chapter completes Keith’s fascinating three-part exploration of jazz-blues guitar playing with examples of how great guitarsts like Walker employ passing chords and substitutions within a blues progression to create constant harmonic motion within the 12-bar framework. Keith demonstrates how to use altered dominant chords—dominant seven chords with a sharped or flatted fifth and/or ninth—and diminished-seven chords in conjunction with a chromatic root-note approach to a subsequent chord from a half step above or below to create smooth, slick voice-leading and a dramatically rich harmonic environment. As a “grand finale” example, he offers a 12-bar passage entitled “kitchen sink” comp that’s features an interesting variety of chord substitutions.







Techniques Used:

chords, finger slides, fret-hand muting, strumming


T-Bone Walker

Run Time:


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