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Chapter 11: Live improvising on “Immigrant Song”

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Chapter 11: Live improvising on “Immigrant Song”

This chapter features an extended soloing example inspired by Page’s live improvising in the key of F# minor over the outro section of “Immigrant Song” and showcases some of the creative ways in which the guitarist draws from various parallel scales/modes, such as F# Phrygian, F# Aeolian and F# Dorian, to paint different musical colors over a droning F# bass tonality. This example showcases Page’s use of such devices as single- and double-pull-offs to open strings and fretted notes, using finger slides to climb up one string and shift up to higher positions. The example also highlights a cool pattern that Jimmy uses to superimpose a jazzy minor-11 type of sound over a basic minor tonality, specifically by playing a minor pentatonic shape rooted on the fifth of the underlying chord, which gives him the desired upper-structure chord tones.


Artist, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Rock





Techniques Used:

alternate picking, bends, chords, finger slides, hammer-ons, modes, open strings, position shifts, pull-offs, scales, vibrato


Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin

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