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Chapter 13: Live improvising on “No Quarter”

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Chapter 13: Live improvising on “No Quarter”

This chapter showcases Page’s jazzy side and sophisticated harmonic sensibilities with two soloing examples inspired by his live improvising on “No Quarter.” Played over a laidback, r&b-style groove in the key of D minor, both examples demonstrate how Jimmy will use and combine notes from the D Dorian mode and the D blues scale and D minor hexatonic scale to craft soulful melodies that thoughtfully describe the underlying Dm7 tonality. The examples also showcase Page’s use of “crammed,” slow-blues-style phrasing with certain go-to fretboard shapes and paths that he’ll often take when improvising.


Artist, Blues Rock, Hard Rock, Rock





Techniques Used:

alternate picking, arpeggios, bends, chords, finger slides, hammer-ons, modes, position shifts, pull-offs, scales, vibrato


Jimmy Page, Led Zeppelin

Run Time:


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