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Chapter 6: Standard Tuning

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Chapter 6: Standard Tuning

Scale patterns for slide soloing in standard tuning are presented here, with an emphasis on effective string muting techniques, for the sake of suppressing unwanted sympathetic vibrations on adjacent strings to prevent them from ringing, which can sound unpleasant when playing slide in standard tuning. Extended-range patterns for E major and minor pentatonic scales and a useful “hybrid” blues scale are covered with musical soloing examples in the style of Robert Nighthawk, Earl Hooker, Warren Haynes and other guitarists who play slide in standard tuning.


Blues, Blues Rock





Techniques Used:

Barring, slide playing, vibrato, pull-offs to open strings, fingerpicking, hybrid picking, fret-hand muting, pick-hand muting, palm muting


Robert Nighthawk, Warren Haynes, Earl Hooker

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