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Chapter 7: Bonus Lesson – How to Play Fast!

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Chapter 7: Bonus Lesson – How to Play Fast!


In this bonus lesson, John discusses the different ways in which his playing style and technique was influenced by virtuoso fusion guitarists Steve Morse, Al Di Meola and Allan Holdsworth and how he integrated both staccato and legato articulations into his own playing in ways that bring to mind the playing of master rock guitarists Eddie Van Halen and Shawn Lane. John then demonstrates some of his own technical approaches to note articulation that have helped him to efficiently elevate his chops to hyperspeed level. Using three-notes-per string fretboard patterns, the guitarist shows you a variety of ways to pick, hammer-on and pull-off notes that enable one to fly through repeating patterns and create fluid-sounding scale- and mode-based runs in any key, with a technical emphasis on optimizing fingerings and pick-stroke choices to perform fast, dynamic-sounding licks as effortlessly as possible.


Hard Rock / Metal, Lead, Metal, Prog, Rock, Shred





Techniques Used:

alternate picking, bending, hammer-ons, position shifts, pull-offs, scales, trills, vibrato, wide stretches


John Petrucci, Dream Theater

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