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Chapter 7: Chicken Pickin’

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Chapter 7: Chicken Pickin’

This lesson covers the mechanics and some exciting applications of a technique often referred to among blues and country players as “chicken” pickin’.” Keith begins by offering one-string exercises that have you alternating between picked downstrokes and upstrokes plucked with the bare middle finger, a technique known as hybrid picking, then shows you how to combine hybrid picking with some fret-hand muting to create pitchless “clucks” and how to craft soulful, rhythmically animated licks that also incorporate string bends, using the key of C and the C minor pentatonic scale to demonstrate. Keith also demonstrates how chicken pickin’ can be used to create funky grooves and greatly facilitate string crossing for certain licks that would be much more arduous to play using standard flatpicking technique.







Techniques Used:

bends, chicken picking, chords,finger slides, fret-hand muting, hammer-ons, hybrid picking, pull-offs


Albert Collins

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