Chapter 8: à la “Testify”

Chapter 8: à la “Testify”

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Chapter 8: à la “Testify”

This chapter addresses the influence of soul and R&B music on Stevie’s playing, as well as Jimi Hendrix’s style. Set to an uptempo, straight-eighths groove in the key of E, along the lines of “Testify,” authentic-sounding chord riffing and soloing examples are presented that demonstrate Stevie’s penchant for using thumb fretting to play 7#9 chords and the way he would often jump to different areas of the fretboard throughout a solo to play licks based on his most preferred scale and chord shapes.


Artist, Blues, Blues Rock




Standard Half Step Down

Techniques Used:

thumb fretting, vibrato, string bends, pull-offs, string skipping, double-stop bends, hammer-ons, hybrid picking, position shifting


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Run Time:


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