Chapter 8 Bonus Lesson - Betcha Can't Play This!

Chapter 8 Bonus Lesson - Betcha Can't Play This!

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Chapter 8: Bonus Lesson – Betcha Can’t Play This!


In this bonus lesson, John offers a fluid 16th-note-triplet run that tumbles diagonally down and across the fretboard through the E Mixolydian mode in an interesting, cascading contour. The run is based on a nine-note melodic motif that the guitarist then develops and adapts to different strings and positions as the lick unfolds. The run is not only fun to play and listen to, it also offers a great exercise in combining alternate picking with hammer-ons, pull-offs and position shifts.


Hard Rock / Metal, Lead, Metal, Prog, Rock, Shred





Techniques Used:

alternate picking, hammer-ons, modes, position shifts, pull-offs, scales, wide stretches


John Petrucci, Dream Theater

Run Time:


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