Chapter 8 Intro to Slapping

Chapter 8 Intro to Slapping

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Chapter 8: Intro to Slapping


In this final chapter, Matt offers a fun, challenging mini crach-course on slap-bass technique and its vocabulary in the language of funk. He begins by showing you the mechanics of slapping and popping, starting out with basic quarter-note and eighth-note rhythms and gradually “turns up the heat” by introducing 16th-note rhythms, while showing you effective ways to add hammer-ons to popped notes, which make it easier to incorporate 16th notes into a line without having to work too hard with the pick hand. He then adds fret-hand-muted dead notes, finger slides and vibratos to create exciting, super-funky bass lines.


Funk, R&B, Soul





Techniques Used:

arpeggios, dead notes, fret-hand muting, fingerpicking, hammer-ons, modes, octaves, rakes, pull-offs, scales, slapping and popping, vibrato


Larry Graham

Run Time:


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