Chapter 8 Rhythmic Syncopations and Permutations

Chapter 8 Rhythmic Syncopations and Permutations

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Chapter 8: Rhythmic Syncopations and Permutations


This next section shows you how Jimi would take a handful of notes from an A minor pentatonic repetition lick and alter the rhythmic phrasing in a variety of ways to create exciting syncopations. Also demonstrated is Jimi’s use of the ninth (B, in this case), to add a slightly jazzy flavor to these types of licks, à la T Bone Walker, and index-finger bends. Examples are also offered in the style of Jimi’s celerated “All Along the Watch Tower” solo.


Artist, Blues Rock, Rock




Standard Half Step Down

Techniques Used:

alternate picking, barring, bends, finger slides, hammer-ons, pull-offs, reverse bends, scales, vibrato


Jimi Hendrix

Run Time:



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