Chapter 9 – Voicing Opinions

Chapter 9 – Voicing Opinions

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Chapter 9 – Voicing Opinions

In this chapter, Tosin presents some extended-range chord voicings that he has devised for the eight-string guitar in “drop-E” tuning, for which he tunes the eighth string, which would normally be tuned to F#, down one whole step to E, so that it is one octave below the sixth string. The guitarist demonstrates several movable barre chord shapes, as well as ways to employ the open low strings as bass drones or pedal tones while playing chords and melodic figures above them on the higher strings, using an excerpt from the song “Point to Point” as an example.


Artist, Metal, Prog, Shred




8-string drop-E

Techniques Used:

barre chords, arpeggios, finger slides


Tosin Abasi, Animals as Leaders

Run Time:


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