Chapter 9: à la “Life Without You”

Chapter 9: à la “Life Without You”

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Chapter 9: à la “Life Without You”

This final chapter further explores the huge influence Jimi Hendrix had on Stevie’s rhythm guitar playing, via a soulful R&B-style chord solo play in the key of A with a straight-eighths feel, à la “Life Without You,” which demonstrates Stevie’s use of thumb-fretted major and minor chord voicings, inversions and chord-based single-note fills. The section concludes with an R&B-style solo based on the A major pentatonic/F# minor pentatonic scale, featuring lots of expressive string bends and vibratos.


Artist, Blues, Blues Rock




Standard Half Step Down

Techniques Used:

thumb fretting, barring, finger slides, vibrato, string bends, chord embellishment, hammer-ons, pull-offs, string bends, alternate picking, position shifts


Stevie Ray Vaughan

Run Time:


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