Chapter 9: Interval Patterns

Chapter 9: Interval Patterns

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Chapter 9: Interval Patterns

In this chapter, Jimmy shows you how to take the two- and three-octave fingering shapes for the six new arpeggio qualities presented so far in this DVD and “scramble” the notes by playing them in recurring patterns of fourth and fifth intervals that have you continually changing direction and crossing strings, which makes for a great alternate picking workout, as well as some interesting, angular melodic contours. For “extra credit,” he then shows you how to do the same thing using wider sixth and seventh intervals and offers a “mind-blowing” angular-melodic-contour variation on the sixths and sevenths pattern that features lots of string skipping.


Acoustic, Classical, Jazz, Lead, Metal, Rock, Shred





Techniques Used:

alternate picking, arpeggios, barring, position shifts, string skipping, wide stretches



Run Time:


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