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Copy of Guitar Player - November 2015 - Five Finger Death Punch

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In November’s issue of Guitar Player we bring you Five Finger Death Punch.

It’s remarkable to see how much of a multi-tasker group founder Zoltan Bathory is. He is a professional monster truck driver, he competes in martial arts championships, he’s an Army-approved Modern Army Combatives instructor, and he pilots fighter jets. We also must mention that Bathory’s regular charity work includes helping veterans suffering from PTSD.

Fellow guitarist is Jason Hook, the group is currently touring promoting the group’s sixth album, Got Your Six [Prospect Park].


Scott Holiday: “We’ve been together six years and made five records now” declares Rival Sons’ Scott Holiday. Our fan base is locked pretty tight, but we still try to grow it the old school way—one show at a time. Our entire catalog is available on vinyl, and we’ve consistently participated in the annual Record Store Day with a new limited edition release of some sort. Keep an eye out for their latest release, Great Western Valkyrie [Earache].

Tony Macalpine: Ever since he first appeared on the scene in 1986 Tony continues to stick to the game plan. The fruits of his labors can be heard throughout his new album, Concrete Gardens [Sun Dog]. It’s available in two different configurations: a Standard Edition that solely features the album’s 12 tracks and a Special Edition that includes a bonus DVD of Macalpine and his backing band playing all of Concrete Gardens live at EMGtv.

Scott Henderson: Few players have joined the spirit of jazz and rock as successfully as Scott has. The LA based guitarist certified his jazz qualifications in gigs with Chick Corea and Joe Zawinul, while his menu of fuzz and distortion flavors – combined with a repertoire of blues licks – make his rock cred unimpeachable. Keep an ear open for his latest outing, the self-released Vibe Station.


The 2015 Guitar Player Hall of Fame Awards!

Our 2015 Hall of Fame Awards include a tale of gear history from Joe Bonamassa, and another excerpt from Jim and Dara Crockett’s GP book.


Finhol: Kick Box & Auto Stomp Player.

Ernie Ball: Earthwood Phosphor Bronze Alloy Strings

Lessons: Under Investigation. John Lennon-style fingerpicking

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