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Keyboard Magazine - September 2016 - Dave Smith

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MIDI inventor, analog and soft-synth pioneer, music industry survivor - it's impossible to imagine a world without the technological innovations of Dave Smith. In this interview, Stephen Fortner picks Smith's brain about his career, current trends in synthesis, and the future of instrument design. 

Acoustic Upright and Grand – uses a STEM-based curriculum and computer-assisted drafting to teach high school students about piano design. 

New Gear: Our monthly wrap-up of the most significant new products from the keyboard, recording, and professional audio worlds.

Play: POP/Rock – Clifford Carter illustrates how to play rhythm piano in a pop context. 

         Country – Everything you need to know about Nashville Number System of music notation. 

         POP/Rock – Rock out on organ without fighting the guitarist for space. 

Know: Tech: MKI vs. MKII: There's more to the evolution of the Rhodes sound than you might think. 

            Sound Design – Make space in your mix for pads and chords stabs without using EQ. 

CODA: Vintage Vibe's Chris Carroll reveal's 5 things you can do now to make your Rhodes play better. 

Online Now! Watch Jon Regen's one-on-one interview with our August cover artist, Hiromi. 

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