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electronic MUSICIAN - April 2016 - Synth Apps Virtual Instruments for iOS Musicians

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Electronic Musician – April 2016

This month we check out Synth Apps, virtual instruments for iOS musicians.

The Electronic Musician Guide to iOS Soft Synths – In recent years, using iOS-based synthesizers onstage and in the studio has become a practical reality. One reason is that the latest iPads and iPhones contain more powerful processors than even some recent laptop computers. Apps are growing considerably more sophisticated and more closely resemble their computer-based equivalents, often by leveraging all that processing power. Thanks to economies of scale and the difficulty of pirating iOS apps, they’re also less expensive (and often more versatile) than synthesizer hardware.

NAMM 2016 – If the NAMM show is any indication of our economy, then this year’s event shows great optimism across the industry. With record attendance and every booth occupied, there were not enough hours across the four show days to take in all the new information (let alone get through the crowds). Fortunately, Electronic Musician had many boots on the ground, allowing us to present you with highlights from the show.

How To:

Master Class – Yes, you can track big drum sounds in your small studio!

Production – Finesse your mix with surgical compression tricks.

Mod Squad: Olegtron Confusor

Playlist: New releases from Primal Scream, Moderat, St. Lucia, and more!

Five Questions: The MIDI Association’s Athan Billias

The Blackstar musicians also pay tribute to David Bowie.

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