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electronic MUSICIAN - December - 2013 - Holiday Gift Guide

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The December 2013 issue of electronic MUSICIAN features a rock star gift guide!  If you're holiday shopping for your favorite musician, DJ, or engineer, or even better, yourself look no further.  We hit up dozens of our favorite artists, from Phoenix to the Crystal Method to share their favorite gift ideas to trick out your studio or stage.  The resulting collection features everything from bargain trinkets to money-is-no-object splurges, and a lot of gear in between; you're guaranteed to find that special something to add to your holiday list!


Gary Newman - "I see synthesizers and electronics as screwdrivers, wrenches, and hammers.  I don't have any great passion for them," the electronic pioneer says about recording Splinter (Songss from a Broken Mind), the colmplexity of which belies his anti-"new tech" stance.  We take you inside the recording sessions.

Cut Copy - On Free Your Mind, the Aussie psy-dance rockers honor Bryan Ferry and Giorgio Moroder, using modular synths, vintage Boss guitar pedals, and samples of '60's "Moon River" crooner Andy Williams, deranged beyond recognition.  Learn the method behind their studio madness.

Music reviews from Electronic Musician contributors.


Studio Headphones - Whether you record, mix, or master in the studio, good reference headphones are essential.  This month, we examine mid-priced models that rate high in sound, comfort, and design.

Expert Sleepers ES-3 and Silent Way Plug-ins - Your DAW and modular play well together when you use these tools.


  • KRK Rokit 8 G3 studio monitors.
  • KMI QuNexus controller.
  • Arturia SparkLE beat maker.

Production tools to help you make better music.

How To

Choosing Studio Monitors - Everything you need to know to select the ideal speakers for your listening environment.

Mixing - Sidechain processing tips.

Production - Remote control with TouchOSC.

Career - Know your fan demographics.

Logic Pro X - Use Track Stacks to layer and play software instruments.


And much more!


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