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electronic MUSICIAN - January 2014 - Live Gear Roundup

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Electronic Musician - January 2014 - Live Gear Roundup



Build a Live Rig for Any Gig - So your shows are booked, and you're ready to put together a portable sound system.  Don't know where to begin?  Let us help you navigate the forest of electronics, transducers, and copper snakes.  We've assembled three systems, all designed to give you maximum performance, reliability, and versatility for your buck.

Morcheeba Head up High, the British genre-benders' eith album, offers up 22nd-century trip hop, courtesy of Rupert Neve, Bob Moog, and Expert Sleepers Silent Way.

Rjd2 The veteran instrumental electronic/hip-hop artist/producer talks about creating the sample-stuffed More Is Than Isn't and the journey behind the Mad Men theme.

Claude Kelly The pop architect behind blockbuster hits by the likes of Kelly Clarkson, Bruno Mars, Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Miley Cyrus shares his songwriting secrets.

Amsterdam Dance Event In 1996, ADE launched with 30 DJs in three venues.  Now, it's arguably the largest EDM gathering in the world, drawing 300,000 fans, 2,100 artists, and 5,000 industry pros for five days and hundreds of shows, conferences, and events.  Check out the highlights in the January 2014 issue.


Make Noise René - Transport your patches into the next dimension.

Antelope Audio Orion 32 - AD/DA converter.

Yamaha HS5 Studio Monitors.

Novation Bass Station II - Analog monosynth.

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 12 - Polyphonic synth.

Sony SpectraLayers Pro 2 - Spectral processor update.

How To

Better sound through Modular Living - A modular synthesizer is more than just an instrument for playing bass and lead; it can also act as an audio-hardware modular system processor.  This month, we look at ways to integrate DAW tracks with your modular system.

Career - Create your own mechanical license.

Production - Build ethereal effects.

Career - Convince fans to buy the music you give away.

Digital Performer - MIDI guitar tricks.


And much much more!

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