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electronic MUSICIAN - July 2014 - Build You Dream Studio

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Electronic Musician - July 2014 - Build Your Dream Studio

Three Scenarios, Three Rooms - We bring you the hottest gear you need to create the music you want.  Whether you are an artist, engineer or DJ, you want your own place to create music.  Nowadays, production technology is more accessible than ever, but with so many options out there, your choices can be overwhelming.  We break down everything you need to get your studio up and running. 


Squarepusher - For Music for Machines, Tom Jenkinson composes electronic music for virtuosic Japanese robot band Z-Machines. He guides us through their writing and recording sessions.  

Little Dragon - The Swedish foursome Yukimi Nagano, Hakan Wirensrand, Frederik Wallin and Erik Bodun tapped into their soulful side in the studio to produce their fourth album, Nabuma Rubberband.  

Tensnake - On His first album, Glow, German DJ/producer Marco Niemerski shows how a child of '80s and '90s dance music can adapt gear signatures and explore modern techniques. 


Epoch Modular Benjolin - Rungled cross-modulation never sounded so good. 

Make Music Finale 2014 - Notation program.

Roland Aira TR-8, TB-3, and VT-3 - Classic instruments reborn.

How To

A Guide to Game Audio Middleware - Understanding tools for designing interactive sounds.  We break down middleware, how it works and what options are available. 

Production - Tempo mapping in MOTU Digital Performer. 

Career - A music supervisor's story. 


And much more!

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