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electronic MUSICIAN - June 2014 - Wireless Guitar Gear

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Electronic Musician - June 2014 - Wireless Guitar Gear

Wireless Guitar Technology - Guitarists spend much of their time tethered to a tangle of cables that connect pedalboards, amps, preamps, and rackmount gear. All of these wires can seriously limit a player's mobility, not to mention degrade signal. We invite you to cut the cord with our guide to wireless systems for any scenario.


Chromeo - In an attempt to "make a qualitative leap" in sound quality on White Women, their newest full-length, the Canadian electropunk duo made it their priority to record face to face, rather than collaborating remotely between New York and Montreal, as was their M.O. in the past. Find out what they learned in the studio.

The GOASTT - Midnight Sun, the fourth album from Sean Lennon and Charlotte Kemp Muhl, aka The Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger, is a psychedelic fun house of Magical Mystery Tour proportions. Learn about the duo's wild, experimental tracking techniques.

DJ Cassidy - When a music spinner to the stars brings together R&B legends like Nile Rodgers and Philip Bailey and modern artists ranging from Robin Thicke to John Legend to Cee-Lo to collaborate in the studio, the party's on. We go inside the Paradise Royale sessions.


Avid Connect - Learn what phase one of Avid Everywhere means to you.

Qu-Bit Electronix Nebulae - Sample playback, granular synthesis, and Csound, all in one convenient module.

Clavia Nord 2 and Nord Pad - Drum synth and controller

How To

Sidechaining and Keying Tricks - Move beyond compression, limiting, gating, and expansion with these advanced dynamics-processing techniques.

Recording - Learn what the speaker specs aren't telling you.

And much much more!

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