electronic MUSICIAN - May 2017 - Reverb Plug-Ins

electronic MUSICIAN - May 2017 - Reverb Plug-Ins

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Electronic Musician – May 2017

Make Room for Reverb 

Throughtout the history of recorded sound, metal plates, torsion springs, and various electronic means have been used to simulate the illusion of aural space. This month, we explore seven state-of-the-art, yet affordable DSP-based plug-ins, each with a unique approach to giving your tracks room to breathe.  

Jean-Michel Jarre on Tour  

Step inside the live rig of an electronic music icon, and you'll learn how he translates his recordings to the stage during his first-ever U.S. tour.  



Lou Harrison - Just and Tempered Piano Tunings   

The Art of Synth Soloing - Joe Zawinul: The Syndicate Years 

Latin Piano - A Comparison of Brazilian and Cuban Piano Techniques 

Sound Design - Revisiting LA Synthesis  


Gear Reviews – Apple, Icon, Best Service & Soundtoys

How To: 

Master Class - FM tips for Ableton Operator 

Techniques - Finishing Your Mix: A Checklist 


New GearThe most exciting products shown at Winter NAMM 2017

Five Questions - Filmmaker Michael Coleman 



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