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electronic MUSICIAN - September 2014 - The Vintage Issue

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Electronic Musician - September 2014 - The Vintage Issue

Vintage Appeal: Top producers and engineers demystify the unique qualities of their favorite classic hardware, and share tips for re-creating those signature sounds at home.


Old-School Digital – Chipmusic, aka 8-bit, aka Chiptunes, revels in the sounds of decades-old computers and videogame systems, via hardware hacks, plugins, and lo-fi production values.

Inside Sun Sessions – We go behind the scenes of the PBS/YouTube series that showcases live artist performances at the birthplace of rock ‘n’ roll.

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Alex Ounsworth and engineer Dave Fridmann create a minimalist production palette showcasing simple chord structures and layered synths on Only Run.


Hybrid Soft Synths – Seven unique instruments that provide exciting new timbres

Make Noise Teleplexer – Repatching never sounded so good.

KMI SoftStep 2 – MIDI/OSC foot controller

SoundNess SoundSoap 3 – Audio restoration software

Ploytech PL2 – Pocket-size synth

Millennia Media HV-37 - Stereo Preamp

How To

Using Waves MultiRack at Front of House – Get the most out of your plug-ins onstage.

Production – Emulate classic gear with plug-ins.

Production – Tips for buying used gear


And much more!

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