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electronicMUSICIAN - Aug - 2012 Jack White

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Jack White - His solo debut, Blunderbuss, was recorded all-analog 8-tracks and mastered with full dynamic range. White, engineer Vance Powell, and mastering engineer Bob Ludwig talk about why you don’t need to buy into the loudness wars to make a Number One album.

PlusThe Electronic Musician Hall of Fame We honor the innovative people and technology that have shaped the way we create music.

Bassnectar DJ/producer Lorin Ashton has spent more than a decade producing independent albums and EPs. Here, he shares production insights on his his latest project, Vava Voom.

Microphone Mania! Ribbons, condensers, dynamics, USB, small-diaphragm, large-diaphragm…we review models in every category, for every application.
And much more! 

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