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electronicMUSICIAN - July - 2011 Danger Mouse

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Danger Mouse - On Rome, the musician/producer embarked on an ambitious five-year collaboration with composer Daniele Luppi to give classic Italian film-style music a 21st-century twist.
My Morning Jacket- Jim James and crew collaborate with producer Tucker Martine to take a back-to-basics recording approach on Circuital, their sixth studio album.
Death Cab for Cutie: The indie rockers find inspiration in a linear production process for their latest release, Codes and Keys.
Amon Tobin: The musical mad scientist explores psychedelia and sound design on ISAM, his first project since 2007’s The Foley Room.
The Soundtrack Beat Battle Get hip to Nashville’s ultimate throwdown of undiscovered producers.
The Portable Peformance Just in time for summer! Craig Anderton reviews key gear for “gigs to go,” from mics to laptops.
Fishman Loudbox Mini acoustic amp
SPL Passeq Analog Code Plug-in software EQ with M/S processing
FXpansion Geist 1.0.3 software-based sampling instrument
Is This Thing On? Think you have no control over your sound on a club gig? Think again. Veteran engineers from L.A.’s Troubador and San Francisco’s Great American Music Hall and Slim’s share advice for taking a more active role in shaping your sound onstage.
Production -  Create Big Group Background Vocals
Drums -  Small Room, Big Drum Tracks—No Problem! Part 3
Business -  Sync or Swim
Performing -  Ready Your Set, Go!
Vocals -  The Singer’s Gig Bag
Power App -  Manipulate Clip Grooves in Ableton Live 

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