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electronicMUSICIAN - June - 2011 Moby

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Moby Twenty years after his clubland debut, Moby embraces his inner analog junkie and explores the concept that “the familiar can sometimes be strange and disconcerting” on Destroyed.
Owl City Adam Young follows his debut album Ocean Eyes (with its infectious smash hit“Fireflies”) with the synth-centric All Things Bright and Beautiful.
Empty Space Orchestra- The Oregon ensemble creates complex instrumentals and hyperactive improvisations on their self-titled debut.
Prefuse 73 Melting a Novation on an electric heater, and other unorthodox techniques
Finding Your Voice - Craig Anderton reviews the latest studio and stage gear for singers.
Brainworx bx_XL Split-band mid-side limiter plug-in for mastering
Novation UltraNova Synthesizer, vocoder, controller, interface
Antares Auto-Tune 7 Pitch-correction plug-in adds time-correction tools and other enhancements.
ADAM A3X The smallest, most affordable monitor in the AX lineTool
New-School Urban Production Beat sales are giving way to full-concept productions as a genre returns to its roots.
Drums: Small Room, Big Drum Tracks—No Problem! Part 2
Performing: Survival Tips for Touring Musicians
Guitar: Recording Heavy, Distorted Sounds
Recording: Know Your Ribbon Mic
Keyboards: Tracking With Analog Eff ects, Part 2: Compressors
Voice: Build Your Background-Singing Skills
Power App Use Busing to Perform Parallel Compression in Pro Tools 

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