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electronicMUSICIAN - March - 2011 Warm up your TRACKS!

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 One of the knocks on today’s digital recording technology is that it lacks the warmth of its analog predecessors. To help breathe some old-school life into it, numerous plug-ins have appeared and EM rounds up eight of them! Also,
    -Learn how Cake recorded their brand new album in a home studio that features modest tools and equipment    
    -D. James Goodwin reveals his method for doing a rough mix that sounds good and is quick
    -Check out reviews of Cakewalk Sonar X1 Producer, Izotope Nectar, and Drumagog 5
Plus, discover how to get more from your step sequencer than quantized note streams and learn how to add compression, EQ, and limiting to your project.

and much more!

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