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electronicMUSICIAN - May - 2011 Foo Fighters

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The Foo Fighters  -The veteran rockers bring in producer Butch Vig, mixer Alan Moulder, and engineer James Brown, hole up in Dave Grohl’s garage with an arsenal of vintage analog gear, and emerge with the explosive Wasting Light.
Profiles of: 

The Kills - Lean-and-mean duo Jamie Hince and Alison Mosshart talk about studio sessions fortheir fourth album, Blood Pressures.
Peter Bjorn and John The Swedish trio’s latest outing, Gimme Some, is all about bare-bones, punk-meets-pop live production.
Adam Goldberg The veteran actor and musician explores lush, ’70s-inspired indie-pop with his new studio project, The Goldberg Sisters.
Pendulum On Immersion, the Australian powerhouse melds emo rock, metal, and industrial with live drum n’ bass beats.

Roundup on Analog/Digital DAW Synergy - Forget that old “analog versus digital” debate. Craig Anderton shares tips, techniques, and some smart gear choices for combining the best of both.
Roland Octa-Capture High-speed USB audio interface with eight premium mic pres
Sonuus i2M Musicport Compact guitar/bass MIDI and audio interface
Focusrite VRM Box headphone monitoring with speaker modeling technology
Mackie Blackbird 16x16 FireWire interface with eight Onyx preamps
Plus a Master Class: Rocking Your iPad Rig - Top pros, including DJ Spooky, guitarist Alex Skolnick, Dream Theatre’s Jordan Rudess, and musician/engineer/producer Joe Gore discuss ways the iPad changed the way they compose, produce, and perform music.
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