electronicMUSICIAN-Nov -2012 - Green Day

electronicMUSICIAN-Nov -2012 - Green Day

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Green Day: The Bay Area rockers take us behind the scenes on the !Uno!, !Dos!, and ¡Tré! studio sessions.  

Grizzly Bear: Learn the recording secrets behind the Brooklyn psychedelic folk-rock quartet's fourth album, Shields. 

The Raveonettes:On Observator, the Danish duo's sixth album, piano takes center stage. 

Controllers: From guitar to keyboards to faders to drums, there's a hands-on controller for any type of electronic musician.  

Analog/Digital Synergy: Craig Anderton shares his favorite hybrid-studio tips.

Plus! Gear reviews: Sonic Charge Permut8, iZotope Iris

And much more!



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