electronicMUSICIAN- Oct -2012 - Muse

electronicMUSICIAN- Oct -2012 - Muse

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This month's electronicMUSICIAN features the wild studio backstory of Muse's The 2nd Law, the rock group's second self-produced album.  It is apocalyptic stadium rock showcasing a full orchestra, an operatic choir, Freddie Mercury/Thom Yorke-styled vocals, ARPs and Buchlas, and surprising organic variations on the dance movement of the moment: dubstep.

Then, Joe Chiccarelli takes a break from his recent project with Alanis Morissette to share some production insights.  It's hard to imagine a producer or engineer with a more diverse body of work!

Plus, a special feature: Extreme Studio Makeover.  Are you thinking about upgrading your studio?  Wouldn't it be nice if you could pick the brains of a few of the industry's top designers?  Well, we did it for you.  Learn practical tips from the pros for making the most of your space, whatever your budget.

Also, equipment reviews, music reviews, new gear to help you make better music, audio restoration tips, and much much more!




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