KeyBoard - Feb - 2012 Keith Jarrett

KeyBoard - Feb - 2012 Keith Jarrett

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Techniques & Technology for Today's Player
Regarded by many fans and critics alike as the greatest living jazz pianist, Keith Jarrett opens up about how his new double live recording Rio—which he thinks may be his most career-defining album yet— was improvised entirely in the moment. Then ComTruise doesn’t act, work, or look like the stereotypical synth-pop keyboardist or electronic music producer. Learn the production techniques behind his infectious release Galactic Melt.

- Andy LaVerne on five ways to playlike Keith Jarrett.
- Cliff ord Carter on voice leading, part 2.
- John Novello on soloing over one chord, part 2.
- David Baron on pop string arranging.
- NoLa keysman Jon Cleary on the influential Junkers Blues song form.

Plus - Our monthly wrap-up of the keyboard and pro audio industries’ most significant wares. Reviews: Scope Xite-1, Novation Impulse and Motu Machfive 3!

And much more! 

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