Guitar Legends - Iron Maiden

Guitar Legends - Iron Maiden

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This is the story of Iron Maiden's rise to power--from their early days as part of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal to their mid-Eighties breakthrough in the United States. Guitar Legends: Iron Maiden explores the group's nearly 30-year history, including the origins of mascot Eddie, and presents new photos from the Iron Maiden vault as well as an exclusive interview with guitarists Dave Murray and Adrian Smith, who reflect on three decades of metal glory and discuss the band's future plans.

All your favorite Iron Maiden Guitar World articles are here:

  • Beastie Boys The explosive story behind Iron Maiden: how they became a heavy metal powerhouse and reshaped the genre with their jarring riffs, hysterical vocals and harmonized guitars.
  • Slave Masters With 1984's Powerslave, Iron Maiden's career went into high gear. Singer Bruce Dickinson, bassist Steve Harris and guitarist Adrian Smith reflect on the band's commercially triumphant era.
  • Special Ed The life and times of Iron Maiden's gruesome mascot, Eddie.
  • Draw with Your Boots On Artist Derek Riggs recalls how he gave birth to Eddie and created Iron Maiden's most memorable album and single covers.
  • Running Free The story behinfd Bruce Dickinson's shocking 1993 departure from Iron Maiden and why he ultimately returned.
  • New World Order With 2000's Brave New World, a reunited Iron Maiden welcomed singer Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith back into the fold.

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