Guitar Legends - Rush

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For more than three decades, Rush have been the ultimate prog-rock powerhouse. Guitar Legends: Rush presents the history of the group that blended high-pitched vocals, extended instrumentals, sci-fi imagery and keyboards and somehow made it all work. The issue includes the stories behind the band's' biggest hits, a private lesson with Alex Lifeson that shows you how to master Rush songs, rare photos, classic interviews and much more!

All your favorite Rush Guitar World articles are here:

  • Prime Cuts –- Alex Lifeson dissects several key songs from Rush's past.
  • Vital Signs -– Lifeson reflects back on Moving Pictures, the prog-rock masterpiece that gave life to the power trio's legend.
  • Living in the Limelight –- Lifeson shows how to play key licks from "Closer to the Heart," "Tom Sawyer," "Limelight," "The Spirit of Radio" and more, as he and Geddy Lee discuss Rush's fourth, and best, live album: 1998's Different Stages.
  • Road Warrior –- Rush drummer and chief lyricist Neil Peart discusses that band's life in the fast lane and his private detour that took them briefly out of the race.
  • 60 –Minutes - Alex Lifeson and Geddy Lee talk about the songs that are closest to their hearts.
  • Back to Basics –- Geddy Lee tells how Rush mixed old-school muscle, classic songwriting and new-century sleekness to make their 18th studio album, 2007's Snakes & Arrows.

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