Guitar Player - December 2013 - Awesome Guitar Deals!

Guitar Player - December 2013 - Awesome Guitar Deals!

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Guitar Player -  December 2013 - 21 Awesome Guitar Deals

In the December issue of Guitar Player we round up and review dozens of electric guitars that you can get your hands on for less than $500.  Need a budget amp to go with that new guitar?  We've got you covered there too, with plenty of amps reviewed.

Plus, The Ellnora Guitar Festival, Brad Whitford on Aerosmith's two-guitar magic, Carlos Santana and John McLaughlin together again, John Petrucci re-imagines Dream Theater on the band's self-titled 12th album, and much more!


Under Investigation - A thorough investigation of a particular style or player.  This month:  Todd Rundgren's Official State Visit tour, featuring the guitar stylings of Todd and Jesse Gress.

Slapped Harmonics Lesson - Acoustics whiz Don Ross shows how to play two-handed harmonics.

Rhythm Workshop - What would Jimi do?  Play some awesome sliding sixths, that's what.

You're Playing it Wrong - We all think we know how to play classic tunes like The Beatles "Blackbird."  Here's the absolute real deal on exactly how to pick those notes.


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