Guitar Player -  February 2015 - The Grail!

Guitar Player - February 2015 - The Grail!

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Guitar Player - February 2015 - The Grail! Les Paul's Original 1954 "Black Beauty"

In the February 2015 issue of Guitar Player, we get the exclusive on Les Paul's 1954 Black Beauty. Told by the man who knows - Tom Doyle, who was Les Paul's luthier and tech for 50 years - GP details the mods, tweaks, triumphs, and heartbreaks of the 1954 Les Paul Custom (also known as "Black Beauty") that forged the design for all future Les Paul guitars.

Bonus! Doyle and guitar tech Gary Brawer get micro into all the tech details of Les Paul's historic modifications. Plus! A sneak peak at Guernsey's "The Tom Doyle Collection" auction of Les Paul memorabilia.

Then, check out our featured artists -  James Valentine and Maroon 5 keep groove guitar alive. Adrian Belew wants to change the way you listen to music. John 5 is taking DIY concepts to the bank, and he's sharing five self-tested ideas with you! When it comes to his own music, roots rebel Jack Pearson throws out the rulebook.

Also, Stephan Forte gets all enigmatic, Tyler Morris talks tone, Brendon Small combines comedy and guitars, Joe Bonamassa tells tales of blonde Strats, and more!


Under Investigation: A thorough examination of a particular style or player. This month: Jaco Pastorius' "Teen Town" for guitar.

You're Playing It Wrong: You might think you know how to play classic riffs like Led Zep's "Dazed and Confused." Here's the absolute real deal.

Hands Like Holdsworth: Improve your stretch and open your ears. 

Fretboard Recipes: Pentatonic Minor and Blues Scales

Plus: NAMM Preview, four slick guitars, Fender's Hot Rod Deluxe and Hot Rod Deluxe III go head-to-head, 1952 "Black-guard" Fender Telecaster, and much more!


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