Guitar Player - Holiday 2013 - Al Di Meola

Guitar Player - Holiday 2013 - Al Di Meola

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Guitar Player -  Holiday 2013 - Al Di Meola

Lifelong Beatles fan Al Di Meola finally gets to live his Abbey Road dream.  He details arranging, playing, and recording works of Lennon and McCartney.  Bonus!  Monster players such as Morse, Satriani, and Becker pay tribute to Al Di.


Under Investigation - A thorough examination of a particular style or player.  This month:  Alvin Lee.

Rhythm Workshop - What would Jimi do?  Play even more awesome sliding sixths, that's what.

Fretboard Recipes - Melodic Permutation from Jesse Gress' Guitar Cookbook.

You're Playing It Wrong - We all think we know how to play classic riffs like "Smoke on the Water."  Here's the absolute real deal.

PLUS this years Holiday Gift Guide features more than 160 bliss-inducing goodies for guitar players!

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