Guitar Player - July - 2012 Jason Becker

Guitar Player - July - 2012 Jason Becker

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Jason Becker - More than two decades after being diagnosed with ALS, this shred legend and former David Lee Roth guitarist is still creating amazing music. Jason details how he acquired his astounding technique, how he composes today, and where his music is headed. Bonus! Heavyweights like Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, and others say what they think of Jason’s music.

Dweezil Zappa - The son of Frank sheds new light on his dad’s music and talks about the gear, players, and preparation required to pull it off. 

Wayne Krantz - The perpetually restless New York jazzer reveals his unprecedented take on the singer-songwriter format. Lessons! Inspiration from other instruments, the right way to play wrong notes, jazz for rockers, and more.

Plus! new gear, reviews, power tips: Fender’s Clapton amps, DigiTech’s iStomp, ten new acoustic guitars, Koll Duoglide electric, Scumback speakers,
and much more! 

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