Guitar Player - July 2014 - Pedal Roundup

Guitar Player - July 2014 - Pedal Roundup

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Guitar Player - July 2014 - New Effects Pedal Roundup 

In the July 2014 issue of Guitar Player, our editors review the biggest roundup of New Effects Pedals ever assembled.  A lot of new surprises await anyone who is in the market for something new to stick on their pedal board.  Then, we go all out with the most massive, monumental, epic Stompbox feature ever, with 120 magic boxes reviewed! 


Next, we check out The Police guitarist Andy Summers' brand new band Circa Zero.  

After that, Marty Friedman blazes on his newest album Inferno.  

Finally, we interview The Hold Steady as they discuss their aggressive twin-guitar attack.  


Under Investigation: A thorough investigation of a particular style or player. This month: Vinnie Demasi decodes Jeff Buckley's Grace.

Mike Swickis dissects John Scofield's "House of the Rising Sun".

You're Playing it Wrong: You might think you know how to play classic riffs like the intro to "Drive My Car".  Here's the absolute real deal.    

Plus:  Seven new Gear columns, Pedalboard Buyer's Guide, Fable Fighters: What's the Big Deal about Bone Nuts?

and much more! 

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