Guitar Player - November 2013 - Keith Urban

Guitar Player - November 2013 - Keith Urban

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Guitar Player -  November 2013 - Keith Urban

In the November issue of Guitar Player country superstar Keith Urban talks guitars, gear, songcraft, and what it's like to be at the top of the charts in his first-ever GP cover story.


Under Investigation - A thorough investigation of a particular style or player.  This month:  Billy Cobham's Spectrum album, featuring the lead lines of Tommy Bolin and Jan Hammer

Rhythm Workshop - What would Jimi do?  Play some awesome sliding fourths, that's what.

Fretboard Recipes - Everything you ever wanted to know about tetrachords.

The November issue also features the inside story of Tom Doyle and Les Paul, Rick Springfield's starter guitars, GP's Hall of Fame, The Edge on success, a hip tip from Dave Davies, and more!

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