Guitar Player - November 2014 - Brian Setzer

Guitar Player - November 2014 - Brian Setzer

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Guitar Player - November 2014 - Brian Setzer

In the November 2014 issue of Guitar Player, Brian Setzer, the riotous rockabilly rebel keeps it loud, fast, and furious as he discusses his rockin’ new album. Bonus! Setzer’s tech talks about what goes into maintaining his gear.

Then, we get up close and personal with the gigs, the gear, the guts, and the glory that make playing guitar the coolest thing in the world. Also, Dick Wagner is remembered. It has been a rough few years for Wagner, who battled multiple heart attacks, brain surgery, a stroke, and other maladies, but continued to compose, produce, and play music right to the end of his life.

We then talk with Tristan Avakian, on how he has the enviable/unenviable job of doing the impossible: sounding like the inimitable Brian May. Also, Guitar Player lists the “Class of 2014” Hall of Fame awards. Congrats to all!

After that, read up on Fred Boekhorst who was asked about the difference between playing blues-rock in the Netherland versus United States.

Finally, we feature Kenny Wayne Shepherd with his latest release Goin’ Home, Night Ranger’s Brad Gillis and Joel Hoekstra burn rubber on High Road, James Rotondi's newest project, Into the Unknown, by Roto's Magic Act conjures tons of tones & stylistic delight, and Ace Frehley’s sixth solo album, Space Invader, rocks the galaxy.


Under Investigation: A thorough examination of a particular style or player. This month: The amazing new book Joni Mitchell Complete So Far

Rhythm Workshop: Rhythmic Motif Redux Pt. 1

Fretboard Recipes: Modes Pt. 6: More Modal Magic

Plus: Jeff Baxter’s Eclectric Electric, Bob Taylor on the future of Tonewoods, Buyer’s Guide to Capos, Bonus Acoustic Lesson! Tommy Emmanuel, Vintage Frets Excerpt Sam Bush on Sessions, Matt Turk, Scott Mathews on Producing, new gear, and much more!

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