Guitar Player - October 2014 - Slash

Guitar Player - October 2014 - Slash

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Guitar Player - October 2014 - Slash

In the October 2014 issue of Guitar Player, we check in with the iconic guitar star, Slash, about the release of his latest album, World on Fire, his famous bands, his Les Pauls, and much more. Bonus: Slash’s tech talks about life on the road.

Then, we get up close and personal with the gigs, the gear, the guts, and the glory that make playing guitar the coolest thing in the world. Also, the great Johnny Winter is remembered. Guitar Player was the only guitar magazine in existence when it first covered Johnny Winter back in 1970, and over the years we caught up with him various times.

Also, personal story of the 1958 Ronnie Montrose’s Les Paul STP’ Burst, Grouplove’s live philosophy, All Star Guitar Night and more!

After that, read up on Rose Laguana. Hailing from Guam, Rose Laguana’s musical influences revolved around the island’s lively music scene and its close-knit, multicultural community.

Finally, we feature Nils Lofgren’s talents, Chuck Garvey, who decodes Moe.’s No Guts, No Glory, John Wesley no-holds-barred rock reflections, and Rich Robinson who flies solo on The Ceaseless Sight.  


Under Investigation: A thorough examination of a particular style or player. This month: The guitars of the Replay America 2014 tour.

You're Playing it Wrong: You might think you know how to play classic riffs like the middle section to “Stairway to Heaven.“ Here’s the absolute real deal.

Fretboard Recipes: Modes Pt. 5: Modal Magic

Plus: Mike Auldridge, Jerry Douglas, and Rob Ickes, Buyer’s Guide to Mandolins, Taylor 150e 12-String, Bonus Acoustic Lesson: How to Slap Harmonics, Vintage Frets Excerpt, Gary Brawer on Maintenance, new gear, and much more!

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