Guitar Player - September 2014 - British Invasion Gear

Guitar Player - September 2014 - British Invasion Gear

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Guitar Player - September 2014 - British Invasion Gear

In the September 2014 issue of Guitar Player, we dig deep into the tools that produced the tones that changed the world during England's assault on pop culture, from 1964 to 1966. The Who, the Stones, the Fab Four, and more!

Then, British blues meets Mersey Beat on Johnny A.'s Driven. Check out an interview with the former Peter Wolf sideman, as he explains the process he stuck to in order to make exactly the recording he envisioned.

Also, Gus G. rocks hard on his debut solo album. Fresh off a triumphant European tour with Marty Friedman, Gus explains what made I Am the Fire burn.

Finally, Oz Noy, the New York-based, Israeli guitarist has been releasing remarkable recordings of blues and bop-inflected, pedal-effected instrumentals for almost a decade. Now he's back and he's messing with the blues in this year's Twisted Blues Vol. 2


Under Investigation: A thorough examination of a particular style or player. This month: Albert Lee's "Rock 'N' Roll Man."

Rhythm Workshop: Rhythmic Displacement Pt. 4 - You Are What You Hear

You're Playing it Wrong: You might think you know how to play classic riffs like Jeff Beck's "Rock My Plimsoul." Here's the absolute real deal.


Plus: 60 Years of Stratocaster-Fueled Hits, Buyer's Guide to Acoustic Amps, Gary Brawer on Maintenance, Seven new Speaker Cabinets, new gear and much more!

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