Guitar World - August 15 - B.B. King

Guitar World - August 15 - B.B. King

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Guitar World’s August 2015 issue pays tribute to American legend B.B. King, who influenced generations of electric blues guitarists. Take a look at King’s 10 greatest guitar moments.

Then, North Carolina tech-metallers, Between the Buried and Me, solidify their status as one of prog metal’s most forward-thinking groups with their new album Coma Ecliptic.

Also, PRS Guitars celebrates its 30th anniversary as one of the leading manufacturers of U.S.-made electrics. Take an in-depth look at the shapely six-string stunner known as the S2.

Later, the legendary Mahogany Rush guitarist, Frank Marino, sets the record straight about his mysterious career, his disdain for the music industry and how the guitar saved his life.

Finally, string roundup! Guitar World selects the best and the brightest strings to keep you in tune and playing longer.

PLUS: Tune-ups- Megadeth in the studio, Armored Saint, Playlist with Hinder, Dear Guitar Hero with Todd Rundgren, Thy Art is Murder, and more, Soundcheck- Bogner Burnley, Harlow and Wessex pedals, Vox Custom Series AC10C1 amp, Music Man StingRay Neck Through bass, John Page Classic Ashburn electric, and much more!

5 Songs with Tabs for Guitar & Bass

  • B.B. King- “Sweet Little Angel” (live)
  • In This Moment- “Whore”
  • Five Finger Death Punch- “House of the Rising Sun”
  • Death- “Spirit Crusher”
  • Ed Sheeran- “Thinking Out Loud”

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