GuitarPlayer - Sept - 2011 - All About FUZZ!

GuitarPlayer - Sept - 2011 - All About FUZZ!

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Fuzz! We tell you everything you need to know about one of the coolest effects of all time. Includes a history of the fuzz face, 25 pedal roundup, designer roundtable, and 20 fuzzed-out song classics.
    -Kevin Kastning and Mark Wingfield talk spontaneous composition
    -Dave Wolff on being a super tech
    -Interviews with Animals as Leaders, Paul Pigat, Roy Rogers, and the Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival: Black Tide
    -Learn the 10 things you gotta do to play like Robben Ford
    -Get lessons from former John Mellencamp and Dixie Chicks sideman David Grissom and Steely Dan's Jon Herington
Plus, check out the latest in new gear! Fender Pawnshop Series and 60th Anniversary Telecaster, Eventide Space, and 5 things to know about slides. 

And much More!

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