Hal Leonard Recording Method - Book 5: Engineering and Producing

Hal Leonard Recording Method - Book 5: Engineering and Producing

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HL-333700  Hal Leonard Recording Method - Book 5: Engineering and Producing 2nd Edition  

Series: Music Pro Guide Books & DVDs Publisher: Hal Leonard      Medium: Softcover with DVD-ROM
Release Date: 08/14/2012 -      Price: $39.99
Author: Bill Gibson
The first four books of the Hal Leonard Recording Method cover microphones, mixers, recording vocals and instruments; and working with samples, loops, and modern sequencers; along with how digital recording software and plug-ins work in the studio. Now, in this updated second edition of Engineering and Producing, you will learn to take all of that knowledge and put it to work as a professional-level engineer and producer – special considerations are given for the modern digital recording and production workflow.

Learn what it takes to engineer and produce a session like a pro, combing the teachings from the previous books to record excellent tracks that are ready for mixing, mastering, duplication, and online distribution.

More than just teaching you to be a great engineer, this detailed guide also reveals what makes a great producer, how to inspire awesome performances from the musicians you record, tricks for selecting the best tracks and takes to keep in your session, and what it takes to be both producer and engineer on the same session.

Included with this book, on the accompanying DVD-ROM, are several detailed screen shots, illustrations, and video and audio examples. If you study this method and practice the included techniques, you'll be well on your way to rounding out your recording education and producing great-sounding recordings.
Pages: 304 

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