How To Play Like Randy Rhoads DVD

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How to Play Like Randy Rhoads gives you all the tools necessary to play like Ozzy Osbourne's late neoclassical master. Utilizing teaching methods used by Randy himself, Andy Aledort demonstrates and explains many of Randy's techniques and preferred scales, patterns and modal sequences, including the Minor Pentatonic, the Aeolian Mode, trills, wide scalar fingerings and expressive noises. The DVD also comes with a printable 25-page PDF booklet of tablature and lesson examples.

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How to Play Like Randy Rhoads DVD contains these lessons:

Chapter 1: Soloing in Randy's Style

  • A Minor Pentatonic, Fifth Position
  • A Minor Pentatonic, Extended Position
  • Four-Note Patterns
  • A Blues Scale

Chapter 2: Minor Modes

  • A Dorian
  • A Aeolian

Chapter 3: Legato

  • Fret-Hand Only
  • Tapping

Chapter 4: Expressive Noises

Chapter 5: More Minor Pentatonic and Blues Scales Licks

  • A Minor Pentatonic: Repeated Melodic Shapes
  • A Blues Scale

Chapter 6: Scale Patterns/Sequences: Minor Pentatonic

Chapter 7: Modal Sequences

  • A Dorian
  • A Aeolian
  • E Aeolian
  • A Harmonic Minor
  • A Phrygian-Dominant (Fifth Mode of Harmonic Minor)
  • D Aeolian Mode
  • Modal Sequences on One String

Chapter 8: Wide Scalar Fingerings

  • D Aeolian

Chapter 9: Cycling Scale Segments

Chapter 10: Combining Scales

Chapter 11: Trills

  • Scalar
  • Chordal

Chapter 12: Randy's Favorite Licks


Please note: This product includes a PDF booklet on the DVD and can be retrieved by opening the DVD on your computer.

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