Keyboard - June 2013 - The Flaming Lips

Keyboard - June 2013 - The Flaming Lips

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Ever adventurous, The Flaming Lips just may be modern music's most influential experimental rockers.  Steven Drozd talks to us about crafting the sound of their latest album mainly around sounds derived from vintage synthesizers.

Andrew Dost of Fun. discusses the keyboards behind the runaway success of the band's hit "We Are Young."

French electronic quartet Dirtyphonics on the sound design and "real songwriting" approach of their floor-thumping post-dubstep dance music.

A left hand workout from entertainer Tony DeSare.  Daniel Mintseris on Hand Independence for Synth Players.  Brian Charette gives us five ways to play like Keith Emerson.


  • Organ, Davis Muller Instruments.  KeyB Solo.
  • Synth, Korg KingKorg.
  • Keytar, Alesis Vortex.
  • Studio System, Akai Professional MPC Renaissance.
  • Virtual Piano, Synthogy Ivory II American Concert D.
  • App, Arturia iMini.

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