Learn Shred Guitar Vol. 2

Learn Shred Guitar Vol. 2

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Learn Shred Guitar Volume 2 is the follow-up companion to the ultimate DVD guide Learn Shred Guitar. Speed king Michael Angelo Batio delivers more than 90 minutes of lessons and exercises that will take your shredding to the next level.

Learn Shred Guitar Volume 2 DVD is available only at the Guitar World online store. Get your copy for just $14.95!


The Learn Shred Guitar DVD will teach you:

  • Elegant Shred: A Classical-Style Etude for Rock Guitar
  • Four-In Territories: Getting the Most from Four-Note Groups
  • Sleight of Hand: My Over-Under Fretting Trick
  • Mode Swings: Applying Modes to Different Tonal Centers
  • Modal Citizen: Adapting Modal Shapes to Different Tonal Centers
  • Economic Crunch: Using Economy Picking to Play Arpeggios
  • Odds or Evens: Incorporating Odd Meter into Heavy Riffs
  • Prime Numbers: More on Odd Meters, and How to Play Hands Without Shadows
  • Space Oddity: Soloing Over Odd Meters
  • Goin' Nuclear: Applying Shred Techniques to the Blues
  • Rolling Hills: Flatpicking Arpeggios on No Boundaries (Part 1)
  • Take Your Pick: Flatpicking and Hybrid Picking Arpeggios on No Boundaries (Part 2)
  • In the Mood: How to Play the No Boundaries Intro Melody
  • Picking a Winner: How to Perfect Your Alternate-Picking Technique
  • In the Chroma-Zone: Using the Chromatic Scale, and How to Play China (Part 1)
  • Blue Chrome: Combining the Blues Scale with Chromaticism, and How to Play China (Part 2)
  • Flip Your Lyd: The Lydian Mode, and How to Play China (Part 3)
  • Major Issues: Soloing in E Major on China
  • Time Trippin': Shifting Meters, and How to Play Time Traveler
  • Bonus Lesson: Diminished Patterns Over the V Chord
  •  Booklet is a downloadable pdf


Please note: This product includes a PDF booklet on the DVD and can be retrieved by opening the DVD on your computer.

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