Life in the Fast Lane

Life in the Fast Lane

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Life in the Fast Lane
by Stephen St. Croix  SoftCover    Published by: MixBooks     Dimensions: 9x11 pages:225
Price:$29.95     ISBN-13: 978-1-59969-226-5

It's been 20 years since Stephen St. Croix wrote his first "The Fst Lane" column for Mix Magazine. Month after month, St. Croix surprised, entertained and provoked Mix's readership with his passionate views on music-recording technology, and the meaning of music itself.This collection of St.Croix’s columns was assembled during the two years following his death of cancer in May 2006. Included are many of his most-read columns, as well as personal notes, drawings and photographs. .

In the column titled “Rock of Ages,” he wrote, “Every single memory I have—good or bad—is tied to music."

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