electronicMUSICIAN Mar - 2012 Skrillex

electronicMUSICIAN Mar - 2012 Skrillex

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Skrillex - The DJ, producer, and new label head talks about his improbable skyrocket to superstardom—and reveals some secret production techniques behind his dubstep anthems.

-Islands Bright vocals, synth layers, and live tracking collide on the heartbreak-inspired A Sleep & A Forgetting.
-Behind the Grammy Nominees.
-Mixers Craig Anderton checks out four distinct products that push the stale old “console” concept in exciting new directions.
-Mojave MA-300 Large-diaphragm, multipattern tube condenser mic
-TC Helicon VoiceLive Rack Effects processor for studio or stage
-Production tools to help you make better music
-iOS Apps Samples, effects, and more for your phone and tablet
-Do Everything Better! Whether you’re tracking, mixing, or gigging, these 30 easy tips and simple shortcuts will streamline your work, save your gear, and let you focus on making music.

And much more! 

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