Metal and Thrash Rhythm Guitar

Metal and Thrash Rhythm Guitar

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Metal and Thrash Rhythm Guitar

Learn the secret techniques of metal’s greatest riffmasters 

  • Gallop and reverse-gallop rhythms in the styles of bands like Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax and Slayer
  • Palm muting and chugging
  • Double and quadruple picking
  • Machine-gun-like bursts punctuated by “holes of silence”
  • Chromatic alternate-picking exercises
  • Chord stabs and jabs
  • Power chord riffs with pedal tones
  • String skipping, raking and fret-hand muting
  • Natural-and pinch-harmonic “squeals”
  • Integrating riffing up and down one string with fret-hand muting
  • Stacked power chords, and much more!

Plus: 100 minutes of Instructions!

Your instructor

Hailed for his incendiary picking technique, Dave Reffett is a fast-rising star in the world of metal guitar and has worked with such renowned artists as Guthrie Govan, Jeff Loomis, Michael RomeoMike Mangini, George Lynch, Michael Angelo Batio, Chris Poland, Glen Drover, Glen Sobel, Derek St. Holmes, Michael Devin, Rusty Cooley, Craig Goldy and Annie Grunwald. He produced the critically acclaimed album The Call of the Flames and also played a big role on Batio's album Intermezzo.

A graduate of Berklee College of Music, Dave teaches countless students across the globe via live guitar clinics, private lessons and videos and was a recipient of the Berklee World Scholarship Tour award and the Berklee Best award. Dave is an Official artist endorsee for the Dean Guitars, Eminence Speakers, Seymour Duncan Pickups, Mogami Cables, D'Addario Strings and Stone Tone Rock Blocks and has appeared on the covers of Gitar Plus and Heavy Riff Magazines in Asia and Mexico, respectively.

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